Aly Cardinalli’s Bio

Performing Arts Specialist
Airyal Dance Company Managing Director
Mount Airy Performing Arts Center Instructor
Vocal Coach
Master Choreographer

BFA in Musical Theater from the New School
Conservatory Degree in Integrated Theater from American Musical and Dramatic Academy
Teacher Certification from the Princeton Review
Teacher Trainer Certification from the Paxen Group

  • Timeline

Aly, a prodigy in the performing arts, began his performing arts education in the home, humbly raised by his European parents in an Hawaiian culture. As a child, he and his twin sister sang and danced through cultural instruction from his parents. At 12, he started his formal training as a dancer. At 16, he was working professionally as a dancer and choreographer, while attending public school. 17 years old, his first teaching (Beginning-Advanced Tap, Ballet, & Jazz) and directing jobs (Grease, Little Mermaid), while graduating from high school in the top 5% of his class. At 18, Aly was a soloist for a small dance company on Long Island.  It was then that he founded his first dance company, the Student Dance Organization at Long Island University, CW Post.  It was also at this time that Mr. Aly started his formal voice training in Opera and was an immediate guest artist as Classical Voice Competitions.

After being wheel-chair bound from poor stretching technique and over-training when he was 19, Aly transformed his dance teaching philosophy to combine elements of Active Isolated Stretching, preventative stretch, Kinesiology, and stress retraction.

When he was 20, he attained his conservatory degree in musical theater from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 1 year and 3 months, so that he could expand his expertise in dance into voice and acting. He performed in several productions, including guest artist work in dance and opera, throughout the country right after.

During that year, he received his teaching certification and taught 9th-12th grade Math and English in New York City. He was 21 when he co-founded his second company, the Sierra Ballet Theater Co., and created his first theater program. At 23, he was the primary trainer for Department of Education and the National Guard’s educators for at risk children and under employed adult programs, including job readiness, decision making, critical thinking, and interpersonal relationship skills. He was the second youngest teacher to be monitoring and training an entire state’s teachers, specializing in classroom management and effective instruction technique.

Throughout his career, he has directed, performed, consulted, and choreographed over 100 shows, including stepping in last minute for ill performers with same day notice. At 25, Cardinalli founded a recreational school of dance, acting, and voice for adults, the Visions Conservatory of Dance & Theater and the Visionary Dancers (a volunteer dance company), while expanding programs in the performing arts for various schools and studios.

  • Expanding Knowledge

He trained in classical voice while dancing as a guest artist throughout the country during his college years.  He was soon asked to perform as a guest performer in New York Opera competitions.  He decided that the dance life wasn’t for him. He wanted more.  So he went to learn how to work with actors and singers so he could choreograph and direct for theater professionally.  He finished his conservatory degree from the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York in a year and 3 months.  He turned down several schools and shows so that he could teach, direct, choreograph, and coach.  Always expanding his knowledge of “Show Business.”  He expanded his knowledge into health (herbal, physical therapy, stretch therapy, injury prevention, physical fitness), management, creative analysis, entrepreneurship, pedagogy, interpersonal relationship skills, coaching, and psychology.

  • ​Education Director

He prides himself in teaching teachers (as well as following his philosophy himself) to provide a place for belonging while encouraging everyone to find their individuality in classes, shows, and workshops.  Aly artistically educates with integrity through expression, class studies, philanthropy, and mentoring in a structured, safe, and inspiring environment in college level classes to basic children’s education.  His vision is to teach performers to perform with ‘reckless abandonment’ by helping their self-reliance, values, and to help them grow and heal.   He has helped with the education programs in the performing arts in schools on Long Island, and throughout Maui.  He had started his own school, the Visions Conservatory of Dance & Theater, which soon closed down due to his over-zealous schedule.

  • ​Expanding Specializations: Vocal Coach & Therapy

Not only is he a director, but he is one of the few “Master Choreographers,” as he is very well versed in most forms of dance.  He is also trained in Shakespeare, Opera, Pop singing, and Stretch Therapy.  While directing CATS, choreographing The Wedding Singer & Chicago, and helping his dancers with the vocals on newly written musicals, he was asked to start teaching voice as well.  He started teaching dancers singing technique through back-breathing, muscle awareness, and tonality comprehension.  His popularity as a vocal coach expanded quickly.  Now he teaches voice, acting, audition help, and dance over the internet via skype!

His new venture is psychology for the performing arts & chronic pain, so that he can work as a therapist & counselor.  He is going back to school to accomplish this new area.

He is still working as a choreographer, director, and vocal coach, while he is increasing his specializations.


One thought on “Aly Cardinalli’s Bio

  1. This is fantastic! Thank you for the inspiring words and reminder that nothing in life comes easy if it’s worth having/doing. We will be sharing this with our readers 🙂

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