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Socks or No Socks with Tap Shoes

Dear Aly,

To wear socks or not to wear socks, that is the question!  Hi, Aly!  I am now nicely adjusting to my new Sansha tap shoes.  The weight and stiffness are a real change, but I’m loving them more and more.  My question today is about socks.  Some of the tappers go barefoot in their shoes, and feel it’s better.  I have sensitive feet and don’t want to end up with blisters.  What is your take on the sock/no sock issue?  Apparently the best tappers go barefoot.  Is that True? 

Thanks, Vivian

Dear Vivian,

I always wear socks.  The best tappers do as they want, and have nothing to dow ith socks or no socks.  Sometimes these tappers are told what they will and will not wear with the shoes that they are assigned to wear.  Regarding class time?  It’s about comfort.  You shouldn’t be focused on the discomfort of your feet when you should be focused on the technique in the class.  I don’t want blisters and I don’t want my shoes to smell, so I wear socks.  Do what feels best for you because that will make you the best tapper you can be.  Not weather you have cotton covering your toes.

Warmly, Mr. Aly Cardinalli



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