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15 No-No’s for the Achieving Performer

by Aly Cardinalli

004I want you to know first-off that I hate the term ‘over-achiever.’ Most of the time, people who are doing well aren’t ‘over-achievers,’ they are just achievers.  These achievers are full of self-confidence (not arrogance like the over-achiever).  Let’s get your confidence level up by looking at a list of no-no’s.  If you do any of these, it is time to make a change so that you can be successful.


1. No Making Excuses

You just do.  You don’t tell anyone why you can’t.  If you want to achieve, you figure out a solution to the problem and just do it.

2. No Avoiding Scary Things

Don’t allow fear to dominate your life.  Is that why you won’t go to a new class?  Or to an audition?  Pursue because you may only get one chance.

3. No Bubble of Comfort

This is where dreams and achievements go to die.  If you stop moving and growing, you stop achieving.  If you are satisfied with your past achievements are are happy to retell the past without making new ones, you can create your bubble of comfort, otherwise, pop it!

4. No Putting Things Off

The saying goes that the most efficient people are those that only touch it once.  If you are able to put something off, you are also able to just get it done. Take action today!

5. No Obsessing Over the Opinions of Others.

Don’t get caught up in the negative feedback of others. Care about making an impression, giving your gift, and always improving.  If you are doing your best, there is nothing else to do.  Cut out those who stifle you with their ‘over-opinions.’

6. No Judging Others

No self-inflicting drama.  You have no time for that.  Be comfortable with who you are and that there are lots of people in the world who are different than you.  Then just do what you got to do.

7. No Stopping Because of Lack of Resources

Don’t agonize over setbacks or ‘lack.’ Use what you have, and if you must, outsource.  Ask for help and get whatever you need to get it done.  This means you might have to make sacrifices, but you will achieve.

8. No Comparisons

I have talked in the past about having a mentor/teacher/coach that you get your status from.  Don’t compare yourself to others because you are probably not comparing correctly.  You don’t have all the information.  If you are putting yourself in the position of casting, you aren’t putting yourself in the position of getting casted.  Focus on achieving a role, not casting the show.

9. No People Pleasing

You should not be interested in pleasing every person you meet or audition for. Not all people get along.  It doesn’t mean you should go around destroying relationships, but you can certainly just be yourself and see how that goes.  If you are busy performing as the ‘most wonderful person in the world,’ how can you also perform a role?

10. No Constant Reassurance

Get a grip. You don’t need someone to hold your hand or wipe you.  Life isn’t fair and things won’t go your way.  This is how it is for EVERYONE.  It isn’t fair to EVERYONE and it doesn’t go ANYONE’S way!  The difference is that they keep going and you give up.  Don’t give up.  Chalk it up to another day of practice and keep going.

11. No Avoiding the Truth

Problems left unaddressed can fester. Have the uncomfortable conversation, pay the bill, deal with what needs to be dealt with so that you can focus on achieving.

12. No Quitting because of Minor Setbacks

Everyone will fail.  The winners just tried one more time.  Don’t count how many times you have had a setback (that will be for your memoir).  Instead, live for this moment and only count it as one.

13. No Requiring Permission

You don’t need anyone’s permission.  Today, it is about you, just like every other day.  You are the most important person in your life.  You should probably start treating yourself that way.

14. Don’t Limit Yourself to A Small Toolbox

“I am a dancer,” is a horrible title.  You are more than one thing and can do more than one thing.  Don’t limit yourself. 

15. No Blindly Believing the Internet

Have a healthy skepticism about everything and do your research.  The lazy learner is the losing learner.


Inspired by the article: 15 Thing Highly Confident People Do


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