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The One Word Holding You Back

by Aly Cardinalli 


The one word is ‘But.’  This tells your brain to come up with reasons why you shouldn’t risk.  Risks can be scary; however, there is a great saying: “The barrier between you and success is fear.”

The purpose of your mental existence is to keep the existence going.  Your brain tells you how to stay alive and safe from danger, always looking for something that may harm existence.  Because of this, you will always look for the worse-case scenario and forget about all of the positive outcomes.  This way you stay alive.

Let’s do some restructuring.

If you get rid of the option for ‘but,’ what will happen?


No, seriously, if you live as if you are in danger, that part of your brain gets the most practice and you will always find a reason (or excuse) to ‘not do’ instead of ‘do.’

Ask yourself these questions:

“What are you afraid of losing?”

“Are you afraid of judgment for doing something new or different?”

“Are you afraid of judgment for not already being in the in-crowd?”

“Will you feel guilt, fear, embarrassment, or anger?  Will it be temporary or permanent?”

“Will you lose self-worth?”

“Can you figure out a way to do it?”

In most cases, when you ask yourself these questions, you’ll get back into class, prep for auditions, make the time to perfect yourself and what you love.  Find the answer to success instead of the answer to excuses.

See the original post from psychologytoday, written by Dr. Marcia Reynolds.

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