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30 Things to (sometimes) Stop Doing to Yourself

If you are in the performing arts you most definitely get into these funks where your life is suddenly out of control and feels damaged and toxic.  It’s probably because you have some of these symptoms going on in your life. Read the Full Article Here for explanations.  Number 17 is a must!  However, with this very popular viral post, there are some that can’t apply to successful performers.  We are neurotic, perfectionists, and emotional.  These traits make the best performers charismatic and wondrous to watch on stage. I have crossed out only the ones that don’t apply and added an explanation as to why we need to ignore these.

1. Stop Spending Time With The Wrong People – They take your valuable energy.

2. Stop Running From Your Problems – It doesn’t do you any good.  Face them and be productive.

3. Stop Lying To Yourself – If you are good you are good.  If you are terrible, get good, but don’t lye about it.

4. Stop Putting Your Own Needs On the Backburner – You are a valuable product.  This doesn’t mean you should be self-absorbed or selfish to the point that you alienate yourself.  But if you don’t put time into your product, it won’t do well.

5. Stop Trying to Be Someone You’re Not Mimic, and know when you are you and you are not you.

6. Stop Holding onto the Past – Just learn from it and move forward.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes – This is where we learn.

8. Stop Beating Yourself Up for Old Mistakes – Because you won’t be able to learn knew stuff if you are busy with a past lesson.

9. Stop Trying to Buy Happiness – Because you are probably poor

10. Stop Looking Exclusively in Others for Happiness

11. Stop Being Idle – This is a big one, as if you aren’t getting jobs and you feel you don’t have time or money, you aren’t in class or finding some way to better your performing.  Get creative and don’t be idle.  Idleness encourages depression.

12. Stop Thinking You Aren’t Ready – Just go to the audition.  Just take the class.

13. Stop Getting Involved in Relationships For the Wrong Reasons – Like spending time with yourself and others without requiring attention.

14. Stop Rejecting New Relationships Because Old Ones Didn’t Work

15. Stop Competing – Focus on yourself.

16. Stop Being Jealous – Focus on what you have to attain, not what others have already attained.  Wrong focus.

17. Stop Complaining and Feeling Sorry for Yourself – Promote what you enjoy instead of complaining about what you don’t.

18. Stop Holding Grudges – Hold your craft instead.

19. Stop Letting Others Bring You Down to Their Level – Walk away and spend your time on those that appreciate you.

20. Stop Wasting Time Explaining Yourself – It is hard to not get sucked into this as you need approval and value from an audience, be it the current person in front of you or the great masses.  Just don’t and see what happens.

21. Stop Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Without Taking a Break – Keep Repeating and get it right.  When you don’t, walk away with the notion that you are learning and it is a process.

22. Stop Overlooking the Beauty of Small Moments – Small victories make you stronger.  Celebrate them.

23. Stop Trying to Make Everything Perfect – Perfection is your goal.  Keep trying.  Just know that perfection is an idea that we can’t actually attain.  But we continue to try.

24. Stop Following the Path of Least Resistance – It isn’t easy to pursue the arts.  Keep pushing through resistance. Just take breaks.

25. Stop Acting Like Everything is Fine When it Isn’t – This is also your job.  Take time to feel sorry for yourself or to have a breakdown, but schedule it.  Performers are meant to be the epitome of emotional control and management.  This takes practice, so you must in your personal life. 

26. Stop Blaming Others For Your Troubles – Seriously!  You can only control you and your reaction. So control yourself and stop blaming.

27. Stop Trying to Be Everything to Everyone – This is also your job.  How else are you going to be everything to an entire audience? Just take breaks from it in your life, and be everything to you and just you every once and a while.

28. Stop Worrying So Much – Worry makes you better.  Just be realistic.  If we don’t worry, we settle.  Worry and do. Worry and do.  What if I’m not good enough? Then do something about it.

29. Stop Focusing on What You Didn’t Want to Happen – Because the lesson is in the past and you need to look forward to all thing things that can happen.

30. Stop Being Ungrateful – You are better than you were yesterday, and you are the best you can be today. 

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