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Are You Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd?

Better Your Health by Determining if Your Friends are Deviants

Published By Aly Cardinalli

210 (2)Peer pressure isn’t the only reason why we make poor choices regarding our health, although peers are the greatest reason. We trust our friends to support us, give us great advice in solving our problems, and we look to them for how we should behave in all social situations. More than that, we, as humans, strive to be right, good, just, and well-liked. We determine these things from our mentors, but most of all, from our social groups.

This sounds great, right? You would think that the world would be a wonderful place because of these psychological truths. However, what if a random guy came up to you and tried to convince you to do drugs? To stop eating? To engage in dangerous behavior? We would all assume that we wouldn’t because it’s some crazy person, and that we would do the right thing. Then why do we engage in dangerous behavior that our friends encourage? Because the need to be well-liked and right (in each social norm) is higher than the need to be good or just!

WHAT?! Not Me!

183 (2)It’s true. We will make bad decisions because of the situation that we are currently engaged in BECAUSE we need to fit in. Example: When test subjects were put into an environment where everyone answered a question out loud incorrectly, the subject will also answer incorrectly because of peer pressure. Look up the data yourself!

Think about it. Have you ever experienced a situation (or witnessed) when someone was booed by one person and suddenly a bunch of people are booing? If you’ve experienced this, you probably can think back to that moment and can realize that you really didn’t need to boo or be mean in that situation. It’s because you were influenced by a social deviant.

Don’t be that test subject.

A deviant refuses to conform to social norms because those people don’t feel that they have important bonds to conventional society (don’t try to help them! They need a professional). Certain cultures, like drug cultures, some arts companies, and even classrooms, promote values that attract deviant behaviors.

Create your own culture: De-friending!

It’s time to get rid of those poisonous people that may convince you to make poor choices. The love and adoration you receive from social deviants IS LESS than the love you can give yourself by making new friends. Find out if your friends are social deviants by noticing these characteristics:

· They hate ambition

· They blame others

· They hate those that take responsibility for their actions

· Make fun of achievements

· Theft

· Irrational planning

· Always want instant gratification

· Refuses to use manners or politeness

· Can’t control physical aggression

· No respect for others’ property

· Laughs at ‘wholesome’ recreation

Ho2013-11-18 00.07.38w do I get rid of my toxic friends?

It’s in your power! Do things that make you feel good, be with people that support your self-esteem, avoid social deviants by making yourself busy, and know that you always have the decision.



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