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Helicopter Parenting Destroys Your Artist

rewritten by Aly Cardinalli

tumblr_mwrcq7XCWU1sk9g6wo1_1280You would do anything to make sure your child is successful and happy, but too much involvement can be detrimental. Experts say that artists with over controlling parents are more likely to be depressed and less satisfied with their lives.

Experts say “helicopter parenting,” hovering and micro-managing a child’s life,  negatively affects students’ well-being.  All people have a basic need to feel competent, right, and autonomous.  These children have that need violated by parents who do this for them.

Holly Schiffrin, Ph.D. and colleagues from the University of Mary Washington  discovered over involvement from parents can lead to negative outcomes, including higher levels and likeliness of depression and anxiety.

Studies also suggest that children of over involved or over controlling parents may feel less competent and less able to manage life and its stressors.  The performing arts requires a lot from a child, with constant criticism, failure, and rejection. 

Allowing support while a child self-sooths has been proven much more affective for the positive development of self-esteem, resilience, and confidence of a performer above a parent who tries to eliminate the threat or ‘rescuing’ their child.

Parental involvement is necessary for healthy development, both emotionally and socially, so parents are discouraged from falling into the opposite behavior from helicopter parenting.

“Schiffrin and her team administered an online survey to 297 American undergraduate students, aged 18-23 years. Students were asked to describe their mothers’ parenting behaviors, rate their own perceptions of their autonomy, competence, and relatedness (i.e., how well they get along with other people).

The researchers also assessed the students’ overall satisfaction with life, their level of anxiety, and whether or not they suffered depressive symptoms.

Overall, an inappropriate level of parental behavioral control was linked to negative well-being outcomes for students.”

Helicopter parenting is related to higher levels of depression and decreased satisfaction with a child’s life. And those who perceived they had less autonomy and competence were also more likely to be depressed.”

Source: Springer

Nauert, R. (2013). ‘Helicopter Parenting’ Can Undermine Students’ Self-Image. Psych Central. Retrieved on December 9, 2013, from


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