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Qualities to Look For In A Performing Arts Teacher

There are lots of classes for adults throughout the world.  However, there are few teachers that I give my stamp of approval.  I call these teachers “Visionary Teachers,” and they must meet these qualifications (and you should attempt to take from teachers that have these qualities!):

If you are a teacher, always work at being better than you are.  These are the same expectations you have of your dancers.  Do you need to improve your teaching abilities?  Look at this list.

  • Teach the dancer before teaching the dance
  • Put the dancer first, even before yourself
  • Learn about the dancer.  This way you can teach how to use the soul for expression.
  • Students use their body’s possibilities and boundaries as the groundwork for performing arts’ techniques, not geometric or hypothetical expectations, in order to prevent injury.
  • Teach for safety, and re-train bad or unsafe habits
  • Relax and breathe into and through movements
  • Teachers always continue to learn
  • Teach why the movement, discipline, and teachings are important
  • Self-competitive environment rather than an environment based in competition 
  • Teach correct, efficient, and “individual-level” appropriate technique
  • Push the students’ limits without unnecessary risk to injury
  • Community oriented
  • Creates a sense of belonging in the classroom
  • Supportive to students and like-minded teachers, keeping in mind that there are many schools of thought and technique for performing arts instruction
  • Encouraging the question ‘Why?”, and admitting when you don’t know; creating a healthy learning psychology for everyone in the classroom, including the teacher.  This keeps everyone learning
  • Always reminding the students and teachers to be humble, grateful, disciplined, and to push individual limits
  • Remembering that the quality of story-telling and the well-being of the performer are more important than technique
  • There are many body types that can work in the performing arts.  One is not better than the other, and one is not bad.  It is what it is, embrace and expand on what you have to become a performer, with realistic expectations.journals1


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