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Chill out, Stop Avoiding

You’ve been off the ‘band-wagon’ for a while.  Either a vacation, a job, illness, injury, or family event pulled you away from getting into class, and now you are avoiding it.

Why do we avoid the things we love?  Why do we procrastinate in doing those things that we know in the long run will make us better, or even happier?

Simple, we make it a bigger deal than it is.  The biggest reason any person procrastinates or exhibits avoidance behavior is because we turn things into bigger deals than they actually are.  This then overwhelms us.  You become paralyzed.

Naturally, those dance closes, sheet music, or the need for a new monologue is nagging you even as you try to focus somewhere else. 

First, call it how it is!

002You go to class and what is the worst that is going to happen?  You won’t be as good as you were.  Say that out loud.  “I won’t be as good as I was.”  No kidding!  So accept it and move the ‘f*** on.  Is that really a big deal?  Logically, you already know that by not going into class the decline is getting further and further from where you were, so why make your anxiety about the whole thing worse?

Try this:

Step 1: write down what you want.

Step 2: write down your fears.

step 3: write down why your fears are silly.

step 4: write down the time you have to go to class.

step 5: write down all the reasons that class will make you happier, better, healthier, etc..

Step 6: give yourself permission to be imperfect.

That’s the doosey!  You already are beautiful, and there is such beauty in honest imperfection.  Take the time to love that beauty while you work on your craft, again.  It is part of the process, so why not love it, also?

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