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How to Find Monologues

The thing about monologues is that you don’t start looking for them until you need them, and that is your first mistake.  As an actor, you need to be looking for monologues ALL THE TIME (and yes, I’m shouting).  It needs to be a constant tick you have.  Everything you watch, read, and hear needs to be analyzed for possible monologue usage.

What you need:  A character that you could actually do well (and you can cross the gender line if you can convincingly do the story – like Macbeth’s Tomorrow speech for a woman would be FEARCE!), a story that you can convincingly tell (not too many awkward and unnecessary pauses, which are written into those monologue books), and a time period and location you can pull off.  Don’t push yourself too far.  You need to do this WELL.

Places to start:

There is the web, but everyone looks here.  It is hard to find a good monologue online.  You can use to find some.  I post there all the time if I find a great monologue or video.  You can also look at for female monologues, but it is a lot of reading (which you need to do anyway to find a good one).  Here is a link for tons of other sites for monologues (this ought to get you started):

Onto plays:  Unless you’ve done a play, it is hard to find out where to get monologues.  I’m not even going to start listing monologues from plays.  The best thing you could do is go to your local library and sit in the play section (if there isn’t one, try performing arts or drama).  You can try Borders or Barns & Noble, but they usually don’t have contemporary plays.  I like to pull monologues from ARTICLES, MOVIES, and PLAYS that I see/read.

The Point Is:  Look for a Monologue EVERYWHERE – no rules!

Here are some examples:

From the Movie “CASTAWAY”


From “THE EXORCIST II” totally awesome monologue
From 30 Rock
You have to be great at straight face comedy for this one.

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