Maui Performing Arts

I know how hard it is to find great classes and performance opportunities, so I’m going to create a page for all those places that you can take class or perform at

Performance Opportunities:

ProArts – Professional Artists of the Pacific defines their company with one word: “RESPECT.”  A lovely place to work, you receive a small stipend and work in an intimate but lovely environment, performing high quality shows.

Maui OnStage – Larger community theater, run by a husband and wife.  Larger shows, larger venue, larger casts.  From what people say, the quality of the show highly depends on the artistic staff for that show (director, choreographer, musical director, etc.), and the amount of fun with the production also depends on that and the cast.  Talent ranges from retired professionals to people off the street.  It’s recommended to ask around before accepting a role.

Alexander Academy of Performing Arts – Primarily a ballet school, this lovely studio in upcountry Maui has a yearly ballet to perform, and you don’t have to be a prima to be in it.  It’s a lovely experience in a family studio.

MAPA – Maui Academy of Performing Arts is primarily a dance studio for kids, but they have a few performing opportunities for adults.  They have 2-3 plays or musicals, one traveling show, and little pieces here and there to be a part of.  They also have some adult classes that require patience to deal with children.


There are lots of classes on Maui; however, there are few teachers that I give my stamp of approval.  The teachers must meet these qualifications:

  • Teach the dancer, not the dance
  • Put the dancer first, even before yourself
  • Learn about the dancer, so to teach how to use the soul for expression
  • Students use their body to create lines, turn-out, and boundaries, not geometric expectations, in order to prevent injury.
  • Teach for safety, and re-train bad or unsafe habits
  • Relax and breathe into movements
  • Always continuing to learn
  • They teach why the movement, discipline, or teaching is important
  • Self-competitive environment rather than a competitive environment
  • Teach correct, efficient, and level appropriate technique
  • Push the students’ limits without unnecessary risk to injury

The teachers I recommend are those whom I have seen demonstrate these qualities myself.  You can just drop-in, too!

Maui BalletHadley Garcia at Maui OnStage: Lyrical Flow – Beginning Level – Tuesdays at 6:15pm – $10 each

Sarah Loney at Maui OnStage: Dance Workout & Int. Jazz – Saturdays from 9:30-10:30, 10:30-12 – $10 & $15 or $20 for both

Brooke Sepulveda at Maui Ballet: Ballet 1-2 Sundays at 5pm and Thursdays at 4pm – $10 each

Aly Cardinalli at ShowBiz Helper: Private Lessons, workshops, and master classes.

Although I cannot say with certainty that the teachers of Alexander Academy of Performing Arts fit all of these qualifications, I do love the feeling at that studio, and recommend trying the different teachers there.  I feel the same for Camille Romero of MAPA.

Happy class taking!


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