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Adjust Your Life for Happiness

If you have decided to read this, you have decided that your life, or some aspect, is pretty crappy.

Unfortunately, I can’t outline how to turn your life your miserable life into a fabulous one in reading a 10 minute long, simple blog.  However, I can give you a short tutorial to get you started.

enjoying time 1) Treat Your Body Right: Get enough sleep.  Enough sleep for you.  For instance, my father needs 5 hours of sleep; I need 9.5.  How many hours of sleep do you really need?  Adjust your life so that you get that 5 nights a week.  I’m Sicilian, and we have a mantra, “Eat for the soul.’”  You need to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need, and as a performer, you have to be eating right foods to keep the physical image that you require for self marketing.  You also need to treat your body like a Grecian temple.  Only give it the good stuff.

Everything you put in your mouth should be enjoyable and pleasurable.  Feed your soul with food that you can feel the fondness in your soul.  Get rid of everything else.  There is no excuse to eat foods that aren’t good for your body and soul.  Finally, have an enjoyable physical activity that is for YOU.  This is NOT in order to gain a specific look.  It is your guilty pleasure activity.  You have to be able to do it once a month.  Doing something physical gets endorphins pumping and its a guilty pleasure for you.  The only rule is that you have to be moving the whole time (playing a wii game doesn’t count).

Healing 2) Take Out The Trash:  If you look at your life as ONLY time and energy, you’ll learn quickly that you are spending your life on things you shouldn’t.  Everything takes up time, some more than others, and everything takes up energy, some more than others.  Huge negative activities take up LOTS of time and energy.  Even if it is a small experience, you then waste time with ‘healing time.’  Healing time is necessary only for our bodies to recover from damage, physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually.  For instance, if you have a really hard dance class, then you need some healing time for your body to recover.  You can spend this time doing something enjoyable, making you happy, like a long bath, or getting a friend to give you a massage trade.

If a negative friend beats the crap out of your emotions, or you’ve had a soul draining day at work, you end up spending your time sitting in front of the television or computer a little longer than ‘happiness.’  You should only be watching enough television to see the shows that really make you happy.  Not to just relax and recover from your day.  That means your day needs to change.  Start looking for a new job or new friends.  Once you’ve found what takes too much recuperating time, energy suckers, and time wasters, throw them out.  This will make space for good and enjoyable to come into your life.

turn the phone off 3) Change Their Number to “Don’t”:  Stop answering the phone when people call you and expect you to fill up their cup ‘right now.’  You have no responsibility to anyone except you, your lover (because hopefully it is reciprocated), and your children.  Other calls?  No!  If someone is taking too much from you, you need to either change their name in your phone to ‘Not Right Now’ or ‘Don’t’.

The Not Right Nows are people who are good friends and family (and sometimes bosses, but they can learn to leave a message). You might just need a little space from them.  They are the ones that are being excessively demanding without reciprocating.  Make them leave a message, and then respond in some format that is quick and painless at your earliest convenience (or don’t, but there are repercussions, and sometimes those repercussions take up more total time and energy than just answering at your earliest convenience).  Once you’ve healed and managed your time and energy to being yours, again, talk to them about keeping it even and feeling drained in a calm tone.  No one should feel used (continually) by their friends.

On to the Don’ts.  They are the people you need to cut out of your personal life.  When they call, you see the word DON’T and you DO NOT answer the phone, ever, and never again.  Usually, these are the ones that it because increasingly difficult to wean yourself from because they have created an addiction to them.  It’s ok.  It is much less painful to wean yourself off of them than it is to quit smoking.  You can do it, but cut them off!

smile4) Enjoy!: Once you’ve done those above, you need to slow down so that you can relish in the enjoyable moments in your day.  By loving those moments, your energy replenishes to a stronger and more vibrant energy.  Just take that time, and enjoy it.  Don’t rush it.  Love it now.

5) Fake a Smile:  Finally, try this.  Fake a smile.  If you try to be happy, it (generally) makes other people smile.  Happy attracts happy (just like misery likes company).  Once you’ve made other people happy throughout the day, their happiness is contagious, and will in turn make you genuinely happy.  Then, you no longer have to fake it.  Just don’t be that obnoxious person.  Just a subtle happiness is wonderful.

Obnoxiously fake cheery people make me unhappy, and therefore, I just want to waste time planning (unnecessary) cartoon-like accidents resulting in horrible pain on that cheery bitch.  Don’t waste people’s time by being that person.  🙂


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