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How to Warm Up for Musical Theater

It should take you approximately 20-45 minutes to warm up properly. If it takes less time, you are strongly encouraged to go further.

Although the warm-up itself is only 20 or so minutes, the procedure starts 2 hours before your rehearsal or performance.

Make sure you properly warm up before EVERY rehearsal and performance.


Just as important as warming up anything else, lying on your back in a place where you aren’t likely to be terribly distracted, lay still and release into the ground for 5 minutes or so. Focus on your breath, and DO NOT ALLOW YOUR THOUGHTS, PERFORMANCE, or STRESS to take over.


Ø Breathing muscles – torso stretches, deep breathing, ribs, diaphragm

Ø Standing muscles – legs, shoulders, spine

Ø Find neutrality (alignment) in standing and laying postures.

Ø If there is dancing – a FULL dance warm up


Ø Lips

Ø Tongue

Ø Cheeks

Ø Jaw Muscles

Ø Scalp

Ø ‘chew’ the face


Ø Sighs

Ø Slides (through falsetto)

Ø Scales (you know, with a piano)

Ø Humming, intone

Ø Trilling the lips on voice

Ø Check your center pitch, to make sure you are using energized tone.

Throat soothers

Water, all natural lozenges, tea (non-caffeinated, herbal), chew a sliver of ginger root to reduce excessive phlegm, steam, try to stay away from pharmaceuticals (drugs of any kind) that cloud the mind and numb the senses.


Caffeine, extreme cold (always have a scarf), dairy, food 2 hours before, medicated lozenges, loud or over-energetic circumstances/conversation


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