Supplements for Your Body, The Dancer’s Need to Know!

vitaminFirst, I am not a doctor, although my doctors forget that I am not a doctor. Please notice that most of the supplementation is to reduce swelling, increase healing, and to treat the body overall.  Try these things to increase healing and strength, and decrease recovery time and injury. Here’s my advice to add these herbal supplements for all dancers:


Fish Oil: Containing important omega-3 fatty acids, fights eye sight loss, heart disease, anxiety, psoriasis,  and cancer.  Important for mental and cardiovascular health. 

Sam-E: For the liver and osteoarthritis.  Great for joint health and repair.  Side effect?  Mood enhancer and fight depression.

Gelatin:  Fights degenerative and inflammatory diseases.  Perk – also fights plain old inflammation and degeneration… i.e.  Keep your muscles longer and less inflammation from injuries!

Shark Cartilage:  Fights osteoporosis (thinning bone tissue, which you do to your body), arthritis (joint inflammation), and soft tissue degeneration.  Primary use is to fight cancer, but really good for your knees, hips, ankles, and lower back, where the soft tissue, joints, and bones get the most ware and tear!

Vitamin C: Very important to us as people. We forget how important this one vitamin is to our health as a species. It is important to wound-healing and to prevent bleeding.

Olive Leaf: Let’s prevent your body from aging with this miracle, best-kept secret. It is also an immunostimulator and a natural antibiotic. It fights viral infection, colds, the flu, and fights hard to treat diseases like MRSA, tumors, cancer, shingles, and herpes. It is also good for bad cholesterol. Unlike Echinacea, you won’t build an immunity to it.


*Always check with your doctor before adding any supplementation to your diet, as this is not a comprehensive analysis and not taking into consideration any of your, the reader’s, personal health needs.


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