Supplements for Your Voice, Heal & Make Strong

vitamins-for-anxietyYour voice can’t really be touched by anything you drink.  That’s because there is a lovely protective sheath to protect it from foods when you swallow.  Not to say that those remedies in your system is bad for you.  You can just put it in you in pill form instead of drinking two table spoons of apple cider vinegar.


First, I am not a doctor, although my doctors forget that I am not a doctor.  Please notice that most of the supplementation is to reduce swelling, increase healing, and to treat the body overall.  The voice is a sensitive instrument, and when scratched, can cause long damage, creating scar tissue.  Try these things to increase healing and strength, and decrease recovery time and injury.  Here’s my advice to add these herbal supplements for all singers:

Horsetail Root: Heal ulcers and wounds.  It was used, anciently, to treat diuretic and edema. It is normally used for Kidney health, but it can heal damage from acid reflux, stop bleeding wounds, reduce swelling.  Healing bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, lung, muscle, and joints.

Vitamin C:  Very important to us as people.  We forget how important this one vitamin is to our health as a species.  It is important to wound-healing and to prevent bleeding.

Apple Cider Vinegar: To not create false claim, this wonderful pill has a side effect of weight loss, BUT it is primarily used to wash out toxins and free radicals, which the voice, such a sensitive instrument, can suffer greatly if there are many. 

Olive Leaf:  Let’s prevent your voice from aging with this miracle, best-kept secret.  It is also an immunostimulator and a natural antibiotic.  It fights viral infection, colds, the flu, and fights hard to treat diseases like MRSA, tumors, cancer, shingles, and herpes.  It is also good for bad cholesterol.  Unlike Echinacea, you won’t build an immunity to it.

Bromelain: Extract from pineapple juice.  anti-inflammatory.  When using your voice often, this is a life-saver.  Quick recuperation help.

To Heal Your Voice

Astralagus: Strengthens the body against disease.  It is an adaptogen, which simply means that it protects the body against stresses, mental, physical, and emotional. 

And up the doses of everything else by double.

Always check with your doctor before adding any supplementation to your diet, as this is not a comprehensive analysis and not taking into consideration any of your, the reader’s, personal health needs.


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