Find (or Be) a Great Teacher

Students, if you follow these aspects, and your teacher prevails, you have found a gem.

1) Challenge Authority – Not Defy, but ask why about anything.  If they make up an answer, they are in the wrong profession.  If they don’t know, but have no shame and are willing to look up in order to learn AND educate, then they can stay.

2) Don’t Accept the Unacceptable – In any case.  Stand up for what is right without preaching.  Put your foot down.  Educators are giving you a service to teach.  If they are not teaching, put your foot down.  If they are, put your foot down with you and learn or leave.

3) Cultivate Free Thinkers – They are the ones to save our country.

4) Say What You Mean – people always know where you are coming from.  Stand up for yourself without stifling the learning environment.

5) If You Make High Expectations For Someone, They Will Only Fail – this isn’t fair, but we cannot learn unless we fail.

6) Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t do something, yet (unless it is because you are not developed physically, or it can be a risk of injury that isn’t worth it).  All people are capable of learning more when they don’t know (or are not ‘taught) that what they are doing is difficult.  If no one said that you can’t, you can (Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, in a sense).

6) Be Sensitive – you never know what someone is going through.

Teachers, I have found that if you are a teacher that can deal with the following expectations of your students, you will be amazing. If you cannot, you shouldn’t teach, as students should only have amazing teachers.


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