Audition Guidelines & Casting Information

So, again, I am only focusing on auditions this week because I spent this last weekend in auditions casting my two shows:

The Alleged Adventures of Blenderman & Fear of Clowns

Both performing at Silver Spring Stage August 16-19, 2012.


Some auditions were great (and I cast those performers), and some were terrible.  Here are some guidelines to auditioning that might help:


– Attendance is mandatory for the entire duration of the auditions unless told otherwise by the Director or Stage Manager.

Required tools & materials for your audition:

o Previously prepared music – All music that you have worked on (and are proud of/known for) in the past needs to be with you each audition night. All your previous work is under consideration.

o Enclosed music – you do not need to be ‘off book’ or have blocking but you do need to make acting choices, have a working knowledge of the melody, and be able to sing with the accompaniment on songs from the show.

o Ability to record music – You may receive more new material that you will be expected to learn very quickly.

o Audition music & monologues (2-4) – If you have other songs you would like to be considered, please have them prepared to present at the auditions.

Audition Tips:

– BE PROFESSIONAL – Treat this as a professional audition. The more prepared and professional actor will get more respect and response. Directors want to work with and give priority to prepared, professional and easy to work with actors.

– Don’t be nervous – just enjoy the process so that you can perform to the best of your ability right now. The people casting want you to succeed… show them your best work!

Casting Information:

– If you are cast in a number and then removed for any reason you are still required to attend all rehearsals that pertain to the number you were originally cast in or you will be replaced by your understudy and cut from the show.

– As in professional productions the final decisions of casting is up to the producer, casting director, director, and musical director. You do not get to pick and choose which numbers, rolls, and/or parts you are going to participate in. Attendance is mandatory.

– Please be advised that under no circumstance is everyone guaranteed a solo, let alone the chance to be in the front.  Just get it on your resume, and be a joy to work with.  Directors do call each other.

– If you are cast a chorus dancer or singer, please be advised that you are as important if not more important than the leads.

– If you are an understudy, please be advised that you are capable of more than one roll and are cast as the “medical kit” of the stage – you are needed.

– If you are cast as a dance captain or swing you are required to learn all rolls that are of your gender. Please be advised of your intense workload.


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