Life of

AIDS in 20 Sentences

Many of our friends in the show business die from this disease, so it is important to take time to pause for reflection.

You can use eastern medicines to treat the entire person, or you can use homeopathic remedies like over oxygenating the body with hydrogen peroxide therapy, creating an environment AIDS isn’t able to survive in. You also have the option of starting a fitness program, or you can do nothing. Years of neglecting a diagnosis of the deadly virus killed my cousin several years ago, which he contacted by having unsafe sex. When he was finally diagnosed, my family and I researched all methods of treatment, but he decided on an experimental medication in order to get help for free, a human “lab-rat,” hoping to help others while risking his life.

Fortunately, people, unlike rats, have the ability to make cognitive decisions, and if he was going to be an experiment, he might as well control it. I explained to him that studies were conducted in Europe where they used 35%, food-grade hydrogen peroxide treatment to cure cancer and AIDS, and it was working. We hadn’t heard about it in the United States because distributors will make less money selling a common element than from selling a series of drugs and medical appointments, opposing our capitalistic nature (this is only a theory of course, who really knows why…). I also explained that SOD, superoxide dismutase, was used in Asia, a chemical found in wheat grass. The purpose of both treatments was to put too much oxygen in the system, keeping the human alive and killing the virus. Also, there is a theory in quantum physics that says you can mentally create an environment within your body to stop viral reproduction, eventually killing it.

“Try them all,” I said.

“I’m undergoing this experiment so that many other sufferers may have an option to survive with the virus,” he said plainly, “and I don’t want to mess that up with putting anything else in my body.”

“You already have oxygen in your body and thoughts in your head! There is no harm.”

He refused and he died. It sounds cold to mark his death in that one sentence, but that’s what happened. We feel sad that we lost him and angry that he decided to be a stubborn martyr. Would you have done the same thing, trying one option in order to live with the disease, or would you take the chance to live without it?

Get tested and know before it gets worse and the fighting is harder.


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