Life of

Nike Arc Angel

The Arc Angel is a footwear solution that will reduce the impact on dancers feet while in pointe work training. The Arc has major support provided by installed elastic bands, which will encourage proper technique of this form of art. Traditional pointe shoes usually last 8-10 weeks. Using durable materials, the Arc angels will last the dancer for a longer period of time. Now this is just a proto-type, and these are current concerns:

“This idea has potential, but I see two issues (as a pointe dancer myself). First, the straps will bind and constrict the ankle and Achilles, causing tendonitis. I know the ace bandage idea sounds good, but it is near impossible to dance en pointe with an ace bandage around the ankle. Also, the shank seems a bit low to offer enough support. The open heel would be cool, but in reality, where the shoe stops is where the foot needs the most support. Make the shank longer so it ends just below the heel. But this is a very good idea, they are like Gaynor Mindens to the extreme. Keep up the good work!”

I think it is a great idea; however, like all brands of pointe shoes, it will only fit about 1/3 of the population.  It looks like a great training tool and wonderful for us teachers, but in reality, the clean line of a pink slipper is going to remain the constant for the stage.  The pointe shoe is supposed to extend the lines of the body, unless the story is about the shoe.  I see some contemporary ballets being created around these shoes, though!




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