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10 Professional Dancer Truths

Sometimes you will have to work for free – Every professional dancer, at one point or another, has had to work for free. Just be sure that you are happy before you commit.  There are many good reasons, like building resume, working with specific choreographers, creating favors, getting exposure, making connections, or just because it will… Continue reading 10 Professional Dancer Truths

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Socks or No Socks with Tap Shoes

Dear Aly, To wear socks or not to wear socks, that is the question!  Hi, Aly!  I am now nicely adjusting to my new Sansha tap shoes.  The weight and stiffness are a real change, but I’m loving them more and more.  My question today is about socks.  Some of the tappers go barefoot in… Continue reading Socks or No Socks with Tap Shoes

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Want to Be Successful? Learn Yourself

I recently read a wonderful article about the three personal development goals successful people pursue, but it came down to one thing:  Spend time with yourself (Dixie Gillaspie of “Some say you have to rise early, some sleep until noon then work from their bed for another hour. Some say to get the toughest… Continue reading Want to Be Successful? Learn Yourself

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How to Pick An Audition Song

by Aly Cardinalli Picking audition songs for your book can be very difficult and daunting.  Here is a little guide!  You only need 6 in your book: You need only 6 good songs for your audition book.  Lots of rules, but here is it written out:Eras: 50s-early 60s-today pop/country R&B Standard/Musical Theater-y FREE CHOICE Tempos/Style:… Continue reading How to Pick An Audition Song

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A Guide to Singing Through Your Break

Your break voice is called the passagio (or the passage from one voice to another.  This can be a difficult obstacle for you as a singer.  Here is a little video to guide you through what to do. For private voice lessons with Aly Cardinalli, visit his website and have lessons via Skype!

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15 No-No’s for the Achieving Performer

by Aly Cardinalli I want you to know first-off that I hate the term ‘over-achiever.’ Most of the time, people who are doing well aren’t ‘over-achievers,’ they are just achievers.  These achievers are full of self-confidence (not arrogance like the over-achiever).  Let’s get your confidence level up by looking at a list of no-no’s.  If… Continue reading 15 No-No’s for the Achieving Performer

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The One Word Holding You Back

by Aly Cardinalli  But… The one word is ‘But.’  This tells your brain to come up with reasons why you shouldn’t risk.  Risks can be scary; however, there is a great saying: “The barrier between you and success is fear.” The purpose of your mental existence is to keep the existence going.  Your brain tells… Continue reading The One Word Holding You Back

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Finding Female Monologues

Finding monologues for auditions are always one of the biggest challenges.  Listen, it just has to be something that you can make sound interesting and entertaining in a way that is cast-able for any characters in the play or company you are auditioning for. If you can make a recipe for a peanut butter and… Continue reading Finding Female Monologues

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30 Things to (sometimes) Stop Doing to Yourself

If you are in the performing arts you most definitely get into these funks where your life is suddenly out of control and feels damaged and toxic.  It’s probably because you have some of these symptoms going on in your life. Read the Full Article Here for explanations.  Number 17 is a must!  However, with… Continue reading 30 Things to (sometimes) Stop Doing to Yourself